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Toy Recall Alternatives

Recently, there have been an abundance of toy recalls. That has lead to mass anxiety amongst parents. We love to buy toys for our kid, but we are worried that it will be recalled. New York Times wrote a great article Recalls Make Toy Shopping a Source of Anxiety that goes into the issues we are faced with in a post mass toy recall world. What are parents to do to find alternatives to tainted toys.

The answer is as profound as the question. Someone,probably a parent, replies to the article above by making some wonderful suggestions in Scared of Tainted Toys? There Are Alternatives. read more

How Becoming Parents Affects Your Relationship

Let’s face it things have been very different since your baby was born. Your life has changed in way the you could never imagine. You sometimes feel guilty that you are not spending enough time with your spouse but at the same time you don’t want to feel the guilt of not spending enough time with your bundle of joy. The real problem is not having time , rather in is not knowing how Becoming Parents affects your relationship. It is okay not to know what to expect but it would help a whole lot if we knew. read more

Back To School

Summer is almost over and some of your kids will be starting or  returning to school very soon. Do your feel like your are not prepared yet ? Don’t worry theReal Life Solutions Blog has some great suggestions.

Answer the following questions and you will be well on your way:

As per Real Life Solutions Blog,

  • What grade will your child(ren) be in this year?
  • When Does school start in your area?
  • Have you completed all of the back to school shopping?
  • Is your child anxious about the upcoming school year?
  • read more