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Reconnecting with your kids

The other day I went to my aunt’s house ,and she told me something that surprised me.
She told me that kids who go to her son’s school cut school after their parents drop them off. When the school calls the parents , the parents claim their child would not do such a thing. This is a big problem because parents are in denial,and they don’t know their own kids.

But this is not you. You strive to connect with your kids on a daily basis. You want to know how their day went, who they are chatting with, what videos they like on YouTube and what problems they face. read more

Temper Tantrums

Parenting is wonderful but sometime it could get overwhelming. One of those time is when your child throw temper tantrums.Aurelia Williams has great post over at her blog that give some tips on how to avoid temper tantrums.

Her tips include:

1.Don’t Let them get over tired-this is the major cause of temper tantrums.

2.Give them time-Children don’t like to be rushed. So the next time you think about rushing your child to finish getting dressed avoid doing so.

These are two easy and quick ways to avoid temper tantrums. read more

Playful Parenting

Parents  Guide to Discipline
NO yelling, NO Timeouts, using FUN solutions could get your kids to do the right thing.

1. Not listening: 
There’s  nothing scarier than watching your toddler heading straight into the streets.While your yelling stop ,but they don’t respond.

Fun Solution: 
Crank up the music and danced around with you kids then switch it off and say freeze.They will freeze.When they get really good at the game try it without the music.Then start practicing outside;believe me the freezing game is fun and it really works. read more