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How to save money with coupons

Most of us are feeling the effect the strain that the economy is having on our wallets.

Everyone is trying to save money wherever they can.If you don’t use coupons to save money, then you should start. I found a great videos that show how we could save almost $700 a year by clipping and using coupons.

How to save money when things get expensive

It is happening at the gas pumps, grocery stores, and department stores; everything is getting expensive. In these times, it seems impossible to keep up with raising prices. It is even more impossible to save money. Some of us have postpone our yearly family vacations because it is just too expensive or not in our budget this for year. It does not have to be that way.

Today, we will discuss some ways to save money even when we are feeling the squeeze.

1. Clip Coupons

This may seem not so obvious to some but the savings could be surprising. We have been clipping have been clipping coupons for several years. On average, we save about $20 a month. This savings works out to $240 a year. In addition to traditional coupon, you can find coupons online from sites such as, and . read more

How to save money on gas

Trying to save money on gas ? Join the club. The price of gas only seems to be going up lately. But your wallets don’t have to take a hit. Today, I will offer some tips on how to save money on gas.

1. Drive less:

This might be obvious but a lot of us drive when it is unnecessary. Some of us will drive two blocks to get something from the supermarket. Walking is good for us;it not only saves gas but it also saves the planet and our health.

2. Take public transportation:

Taking public transportation can save money and time. I used to drive to the subway then take the train to work.In my efforts to go green ,I decided to take the bus to the train. It turned out that going green save time and money. Sometimes, when I drove to the subway I would get stuck in traffic. Also I realized that I would spending at least $10 less a week on gas. That is $520 saved a year that could be use on other things such as part of a summer family vacation payment.

3. Shop Around
read more

Ways for parents to save money online

Having a family and/or living on one income could be very expensive.
Here are some tips to help you save money by using the internet .

1)Lower Your Phone Bill:
Connect with faraway family members by using inexpensive Internet phone service like Skype.

2) Promo Codes:
If you’re an Internet shopper check for online coupons.Just go to Goggle and type in the store name and promo code.

3)Cheap Books:
Love to read books but hate the cost of books check this site out mailing cost about $1.59 when you print out the site mailing list. read more

Cheap Family Vacation

Vacation: Two weeks on the sunny sands – and the rest of the year on the financial rocks.
~Sam Ewing

On the road a lot this summer,here are some ways to save some money on your next vacation.

1.Be cool

Take along a cooler and fill it up with drinks and snacks for your kids.Its much cheaper than buying from the rest stop stores.

2. Be Entertained

Buy a entertainment book.When you are on vacation you’ll be surprised to see how many coupons are in entertainment the books that will save you money.Go to for your book. read more

Summer Fun For Kids

If you  ever tired to have fun with you kids in the summer, then you know it could get very expensive. If you are on a budget this summer, then Aurelia Williams may be able to help.She has listed three great ways to create cheap fun for you kids this summer. She suggests the following:

Enroll them in your local YMCA activities,
Have events in your backyard ,
For the entrepreneurs minded kid have they sell lemonade,
and gardening.

From my experience, once you vary the activities kids remind happy and don’t complain. read more