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Life is Short

Do you ever put off doing something for and with your kids ? I know I do sometimes. I sometimes take it for granted that I would have another chance to do it at a later time. However, life is unpredictable . An example of this is the sad story of Osman Diallo.

Mr. Diallo was a shop owner ,father, and husband. He came from Africa to seek a better life for his family. He was a well liked family man. Everyday, he showed his friends a picture of his daughter ,who was born in January,he never met. He was shot to death in a botched robbery this week.You can find the entire story at . read more

Life Skills

“Never, never, never, never give up.”

~Winston Churchill

That is one and maybe the only skill we will ever need in life to be successful.

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”
~Jesse Jackson

“I was Chris Gardner, father of a son who deserved better than what my daddy could do for me, son of Betty Jean Gardner who said that if I wanted to win I could win.”

~Chris Gardner

Be More Considerate

I would like you to imagine the following:

You board the 530 afternoon train ,and your baby is sleeping on your shoulder. All the seats are filled. No one in the the train offers you a seat, so you have to carry your sleeping baby on your shoulder for the 45 minutes ride until you get to your stop.

This is true story. It happens everyday and everywhere. I saw this yesterday while I was coming home from work. The parent was a dad and his 2 year old son. I was standing myself, but I would have liked to give him my seat if I had seat. read more

The Pursuit Of Happyness

We watched The Pursuit Of Happyness yesterday, and it really put some things in perspective for me. Sometimes thing may seem difficult but when I reflect the dedication that father had, I realize that I have it easy.

When I reflect on my fatherhood and life so far ,and I realize that I need to improve the following.

Do more:

I will try to be more involved in my daughter upbring.I will try too change my daughter’s diapers more often. I will try to give her baths more often. In short, I will try to do more. I do help my wife but there is always room for improvement. read more