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New Years Resolution

No, I am not late;rather this post reflects on a promise most of us made to ourselves about one month ago.Last week, I read a survey the stated that more than 50% of people either forget and just gave up their new year resolutions.I never liked new years resolution because they are hard to follow through and even remember.A lot of us made our new year resolutions to become a better person. If we really want to change our lives,then we have to make weekly resolutions because weekly resolution are easier to measure.Becoming a better person requires us to do some simple acts. read more

Thanksgiving Day is everyday

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Oprah Winfrey

Thanksgiving is a time that we give thanks for the things we have and reflect on our lives.
We reflect on how life has been going the rest of the year. As strange as it many seem some of us reflect on how the year has gone at the end of the year. We reflect because we want to have a better year next year. Parents as well as everyone else should seek continuous improvement the whole year. Giving thanks should be done everyday. We might be so busy that we forget to be thankful for the “little” things in life. If we tried to count all the things we should be thankful for everyday, then we would never be able to count them all. Today, I will discuss a few things we should be thankful for everyday. read more

The Best Investment

We are sometimes so busy raising our kids that we forget that we are really investing in our future. In the business world, ROI means returns on investment. ROI analyst exams the profits gained/lost on a particulate investment. Parents invest everyday, but we might not realized it; we invest our time into our kids. As parents, we should be more concerned about ROL than ROI. ROL stands for return on love. Every parent invest their blood and sweat into raising their kids but when some kids grow up they forget or even hate(very sad) their parents. But this is not your child. It DOES NOT have to be that way. read more

Why did you become a parent?

Do you sometimes reflect on this questions ? The truth is we all do.We reflect on how our lives have changed since we had our bundle of joy. Yes, there has been some difficult times and from what I have been told it only get more complicated as they get older.

If we want to get close to and be part our kids life then we have to reflect on why we really became a parent. For some of us becoming a parents has and will continue to be the best thing that ever happen in your lives. While, other look at parenting as painful and a hardship. It does not have to be that way. Become a parent is the best thing that will ever happen to you in your life. read more

Childhood Dreams

Do you ever reflect on what you wanted to do and become in the future when you were a child ?Everyone has sometime in their lives. Today,we have to opportunity to help our kids to achieve their dream.

I read a wonderful article about Randy Pausch,46 year old, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon who has three young sons. His career has been as amazing as his family. He is a world renowned for the work he has done in 3D animation and other great works as well. He credit his parents for some of those achievement. read more

Minneapolis bridge

Until yesterday, I did not realize the devastation the collapsing of the Minneapolis bridge had.I saw some pictures ,but they did not depict feelings and emotions of the victims and survivors. Tragedies happen everyday around the world ,so it is important that we draw lessons from those incidents. Today ,I will discuss three things that parents and everyone as well can learn from the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Structurally Deficient:

Parents have to be aware of issues their children are having and fix those problem promptly . We must not put band aids on their issues.Structurally Deficient is the term that inspectors label the bridge as early as 1990. They just did patch up(Band Aid) work. It appears the bridge needed a complete overhaul .When our kids have issues we must address them immediately before a greater disasters occur. Find out what those issues are! If you feel you can’t talk to your kids then you must read reconnecting with your kids. Life is precious so talk to your kids before it is too late. read more