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5 things you could learn from your toddler

In the past, I have written about how we can educate and cultivate our kids. Lately, I realized that I could learn a lot from our 2 year old daughter.Knowledge comes for the strangest places and people. Today, we will discuss what we could learn from our toddlers. You might not have toddler ,but I am sure that some of the points should apply your kids.

1. Sleep when you are tired:
When you are tired you need to take a nap to better server your future leaders. Your kids are demanding and not having enough rest could cause us to do and say things we don’t mean. When they are tired, they sleep so should we. Instead of watching the late show,you should go to bed. I know sometimes we need to unwind but staying up will make you more irritable. read more

Parenting Tips

Do you ever feel like your kids are in charge ? You are not Alone. We love our kids so much that they end up taking advantage of us. But it does not have to be that way. You have the ability and talent to be the best parent possible. Our unconditional love can’t and should not get in the way of us being good parents.

Today, I will offer some tips that will allow us show our kids that we love them and we are in charge.

1. Real Reward:
We tend to remember the bad things they do and forget to encourage and praise them for the good they do. Adults underestimate kids; they are have superior intelligences ,and they tend to remember a lot more than we can even imagine. If a child is starving for your attention, they they might do something bad because they get more attention by doing so. Yes, I agree that we must scold them for bad things ,but we equally must be cognitive of their good deeds. When I say rewards them, I don’t mean giving them candy or toys;rather, we must just say a nice and encouraging word such as good baby or you are smart child. More is less;the simplest rewards are the best. read more

Parenting Fears

Last week ,we went to Coney Island and the experience reminded me of raising kids.I was terrified to go on my first ride but on the following rides I was less scared. I realized being afraid was not going to help me get over my fears ,so I decided to just enjoy the experience. Similarly, parents might be afraid at first of becoming parents or parenting itself ,but we should know that there is really nothing to fear. We should welcome and enjoy it because it will be the best ride of our lives.

Today, we will discuss some ways to overcome parenting fears. read more

Happy Child

Do you ever get the feeling that your child is not happy? Every parent gets that feeling sometime in their life. We should realize that we might be the cause of their unhappiness. If we find that we are stressed out trying to make our kids happy and they are still not happy ,then you will find today’s tips very useful.

Way to Raise Happy Kids:

1.Don’t compare them to other kids:

Kids already have enough of pressure at school to fit in with their peers ,so they don’t need their parents to add to their stress. Everyone wants to have a smart child.However, we must realize that every child is different. Don’t compare your kids to other kids it will cause them to resent and hate you. Love them for who they are and help them become who they want to become. read more

Problem Solver

Have your ever made a decision without consulting your kids and you wished you did ? Kids have amazing analytical skills. The problem is that we underestimate them.

If you want to include your kids in your daily problem solving, then you will find the post The Family Negotiation very helpful. It offer steps for families to solving problems together.

The steps include the following:

-State what the problem is

-Reach an agreement

-And my favorite Do not Sign Anything

Reconnecting with your kids

The other day I went to my aunt’s house ,and she told me something that surprised me.
She told me that kids who go to her son’s school cut school after their parents drop them off. When the school calls the parents , the parents claim their child would not do such a thing. This is a big problem because parents are in denial,and they don’t know their own kids.

But this is not you. You strive to connect with your kids on a daily basis. You want to know how their day went, who they are chatting with, what videos they like on YouTube and what problems they face. read more