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Taking Stress Out of Waiting to Get Pregnant

A lot of factors contribute to the success of a woman getting pregnant but it is quite difficult to determine exactly the duration of having a successful pregnancy.

Some factors that should be considered for couples who want to have a baby are intercourse or sexual contact that are timed following schedule of ovulation and cycle of women, and quality and quantity of sperm. In addition, couples should consider a healthy lifestyle free from smoking, alcohols, and drugs, a balanced and nutritious diet, and maintaining a normal weight for their age. These factors are more important for women who will bear the baby in their womb for nine months. Taking folate supplements and multivitamins, and avoiding caffeine also contribute significantly to a healthy childrearing. read more

Parenting Help

“Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.” 
~Annie Sullivan

Yesterday, I scolded my daughter ,and I regretted it. But all is not lost because I learned a few lessons from the event.

Parenting Mistake:

Parents are not always right. My daughter was telling me to sit up ,but I thought she was saying shut up. So said in a loud and stern voice don’t ever say that (shut up) again. She remind silent then she started saying it again. I asked my wife why was my daughter telling me to shut up. My wife told me that she was trying to tell me to sit up not shut up. First, I felt like a goof then I apologized to my daughter for scolding her. read more

How to spend more time with your kids?

This is an age old question that is as difficult to answer as it is to ask.Anyway, everyday, every month, and even every year we should be seek to become improved parents and human beings.

5 Way to spend more time with your kids

Your spouse and children are more important than any friend(s).

Everyone has a busy schedule, but we must be sure that our families are part of those busy schedules. Plan special family time at least once every week. When that blackberry message arrives let it wait. Most emergencies are really not real emergency. The only real emergency we have is losing our kids because we are too busy. read more

Parenting Process

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world.

I have been trying to given some help advice over the past months in hopes of prepare us for the most difficult job and rewarding job you will ever have to have in your life. Parenting is wonderful.However, the reality is that at time it can get difficult. The secret is to learn as you go. Before we became parents we never really thought of difficulties that might occur.

That might have been for the best. The old saying, “when life gives you lemon you make lemonade” absolutely applies to parenting. We just have to make the best of situations as they unfold. Last night my wife,daughter, and I went out for dinner and it was quite an adventure. My daughter did not want to stay still and would not eat(this annoying but normal);she wanted to see the fishes. So we showed her the fishes and since she did not want to eat food, we allowed her to eat all the ice she wanted.They will eat when they get hungry(so don’ t have a cow );however, every child might be different ,but I have noticed scolding and threatening them does more bad than good. read more

Creative Imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

~Albert Einstein

Sergey Brin and Larry Page,the founders of Google, had/has it.Steve Jobs,the founder of Apple, had/has it. Maria Montessori ,founder of the Montessori Method, had it. Michael Jordan,one of the greatest basketball player ever, had/has it. Albert Einstein,a Genius,had it. It is creative imagination.

What is creative imagination ?

Creative imagination is to imagine original things. It is seeing things that others don’t see, and coming up with new ideas. read more

Potty Toilet training

Do you find it difficult to potty train your baby ? Most us would answer yes. We have a difficult to potty train our daughter as well. The good news is that she does pee pee. Today ,I will share some strategies that will help our kids ,hopefully, use the potty for number one and number two.

Potty Toilet Training Tips:

No Stress:
Kids tend to avoid things that make them nervous. Make going to the potty fun. Don’t force your kids to go to the potty;rather, encourage them. We use to tell our daughter that mama and dada use the potty and she should do the same. It is amazing how kids love to mimic their parents’ actions. Just taking them and putting them on the bowl might work temporarily ,but they will resist and might hate us for forcing them. read more