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Stealing and Children

Today, I saw something very shocking .I guess this problem exist, but we don’t see it often or we just ignore it.

I was doing my laundry today in the laundry mart when a teenager stole $5 from the lady that was working in the laundry mart.The teenager went to the lady and ask her to buy a water, she had to leave the area she was working to get the water.On the table where she was working, she mistakenly left a $5 there,and he picked it up and put it in his pocket..

At the same time, he saw me watching him .When the lady returned with the water, he gave the $5 back to her and told her that he found it on the floor.From the look on the lady’s face she didn’t believe him.When he walked past me with his water,and he told me that he gave the money back to her.I felt very sorry for him because it seems he has problem.I decided to write about it and give some tips on how to react to this problems if we encounter it.

Why kids steal
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3 tips on getting your baby to eat solid food

1.Start with rice Cereal:

I started feeding cereal to my daughter when she was 6months,but she really liked it when she was 9 months old. Mix cereal with breast milk or formula in a bowl ,and you should start with a little cereal. Most importantly, you should have a lot of patience.

2.Give them fruits:

Fruits are really good, and it digest fast. They also like it because fruits are sweet. Bananas is really good and when squeezed it becomes liquid which is easier for you to feed them. My daughter also loved  apple sauce and peach. Try your best to give your baby fresh fruits if possible. Every child different, so you will have to decide. read more

5 way to protect your family and yourself from the sun

1. Wear Dark color clothing

Whenever you go out into the sun try to wear dark colored clothes. Dark colors provide more protection than light colors by preventing more UV rays from reaching your skin.

2. Wear a Wide Brim Hat

Wearing a wide brim hat protects you from the sun. Don’t wear baseball caps because they don’t protect your ears and neck. If you don’t like wearing a brim hat then a baseball cap is better than nothing.

3. Use Sunscreen

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises using sunscreen year round.They further state that even small doses of UV adds up. Also, the American Academy of Pediatric says that it’s safe to use small amounts of sunscreen on infants as young as 6 months. They warn that it should be kept away from infants’ eyes and mouths. read more

Role as a mother

The main purpose I want to write this blog is to share my role as a young mother. I also want new parents to know they have nothing to fear about being a parent. It is when you become a parent everything comes naturally to you. For example I thought I would not be able to really handle the poop situation, but I am not afraid of it.

I also thought I would never be happy as a stay at home mom, well my daughter made it worthwhile, and I don’t regret it. Please feel free to leave your comments. Don’t be afraid I don’t bite but I can’t say the same for my daughter. read more

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