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Parking Lot Safety

Are your kids active all the time ? Most of us can and will answer yes to that question. However, there are certain places that they should not as active as they normally are. For example, they should be less active in parking lots. But how do we control our strong willed kids.The smart folks over at parentinghacks.comhave insightful post that can help.

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“There is nothing more dangerous than a 5 year old in a parking lot while you are trying to put the groceries away. I started playing a little game of “Assume the position” with my son to keep him by the car and out of trouble.
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Because I said so

“Don’t liter because it is selfish and dirty so don’t do it.”
~Street Sign

How many times have you told your kids because I said so when they asked why? Some of us have lost count. The problem is not that they are not listen;rather, the bigger problem is that we are not explaining to them WHY they should not so such and such and such.The quote above is clear,concise, and visual and I think kids would follow that suggestion. Today, we will discuss how we can get our kids to listen to us. It may seem obvious but getting them to listen to us is a job by itself. We must realize that kids are very smart,smarter than we give them credit for, and they ask why to understand the world around them and sometimes to challenge us. read more

How to remove crayon from the walls

Do your kids ever write on your walls ? It is safe to say that every parent can answer yes to this question. It does not have to be so difficult to clean. The clever folks over at has a great hack to remove crayon from the wall with Bread. Yes I said bread.

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Just grab a piece of bread, roll it into a tight ball, and start rubbing. It looks like it takes a bit of elbow grease, but it’s a cheap and chemical free way to clean up after the kids.