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School Bullying

Do your kids get bullied at school ? Are you not sure if it is bullying or just kids being kids ? There is a very thin line. But as we have seen in recent events bullying could lead to fatal results.

Today, I am would like to shed some light on the subject and offer some solutions. The excerpt below is part of a research paper I did.
Bullying is a devastating problem that affects students academically and later on in life. Bullying takes place when an individual intentionally and frequently use dominance over another person with hostility and bad intentions. It can take on various forms such as mocking, gossiping, physical harm and intimidation. Every day, about 160,000 students stay home because they fear that they will be bullied. Every month, about 282,000 students are physically attacked. Students that are targeted by bullies tend to do poorly in school and eventually drop out. The students that are bullied grow up to be adults with an array of psychological problems such as depression and loss of self-image (Lumsden, 2002). read more

Pool Safety for Children

Do you know that the color of your children’s swimming suite could save their lives ? The insightful folks over at explain how  the color of your child’s swimming suite could save their lives.

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I made the mistake last year of buying my son a set of swim trunks that are red on the front, but black on the back. This makes him MUCH harder to find in a crowd, especially since every other piece of clothing he owns is color consistent front-to-back.

Child Safety – Drowning Dangers

Ways to keep your kids safe this summer at the pool,beach or in the backyard even if they can swim.

1.Bathtub and Pools:
Babies and toddlers can even drown even in a inch of water,which makes bathtub and wading pools both hazardous.

2. Don’t leave your kids alone:
Even if they know how to swim they can still drown in a pool.
The best swimmer can get a cramp or hit their heads while diving. Adult supervision is always necessary.

3.Pay Attention:
Some may say that they can flip through magazine or talk on the phone while my kids swim. However,kids can slip underwater and drown quickly so its vital to be attentive at all times. read more