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How to save money when things get expensive

It is happening at the gas pumps, grocery stores, and department stores; everything is getting expensive. In these times, it seems impossible to keep up with raising prices. It is even more impossible to save money. Some of us have postpone our yearly family vacations because it is just too expensive or not in our budget this for year. It does not have to be that way.

Today, we will discuss some ways to save money even when we are feeling the squeeze.

1. Clip Coupons

This may seem not so obvious to some but the savings could be surprising. We have been clipping have been clipping coupons for several years. On average, we save about $20 a month. This savings works out to $240 a year. In addition to traditional coupon, you can find coupons online from sites such as, and . read more

Talk to your children about death

Couple of weeks ago my daughter’s goldfish died. Death of a anyone or anything can be very difficult for children to cope with. She kept asking us why did her goldfish died. We did what came naturally;we told her the truth.

It can be very difficult to be honest with with young children but that is all it took for our daughter to understand why her goldfish died.

We did three things that helped her to understand why her goldfish died.

1. Be honest
I mentioned this already but not doing this could lead more sadness and confusion. Children are
very smart and they know when we lie to them or make something up. Telling lies could cause our children not to understand the concept of death. Telling your kids that a someone who died went on vacation will not work. They are smarter than that and much smarter than we think. read more

How to save money on gas

Trying to save money on gas ? Join the club. The price of gas only seems to be going up lately. But your wallets don’t have to take a hit. Today, I will offer some tips on how to save money on gas.

1. Drive less:

This might be obvious but a lot of us drive when it is unnecessary. Some of us will drive two blocks to get something from the supermarket. Walking is good for us;it not only saves gas but it also saves the planet and our health.

2. Take public transportation:

Taking public transportation can save money and time. I used to drive to the subway then take the train to work.In my efforts to go green ,I decided to take the bus to the train. It turned out that going green save time and money. Sometimes, when I drove to the subway I would get stuck in traffic. Also I realized that I would spending at least $10 less a week on gas. That is $520 saved a year that could be use on other things such as part of a summer family vacation payment.

3. Shop Around
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Parenting Help

“Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.” 
~Annie Sullivan

Yesterday, I scolded my daughter ,and I regretted it. But all is not lost because I learned a few lessons from the event.

Parenting Mistake:

Parents are not always right. My daughter was telling me to sit up ,but I thought she was saying shut up. So said in a loud and stern voice don’t ever say that (shut up) again. She remind silent then she started saying it again. I asked my wife why was my daughter telling me to shut up. My wife told me that she was trying to tell me to sit up not shut up. First, I felt like a goof then I apologized to my daughter for scolding her. read more

How to Control your anger

Everyone gets angry ! We are juggling some many responsibilities that sometimes we can’t help but to get upset and angry. That is normal ,but it becomes a problem when we lash out at others. Lives and relationships have been cut short due to anger. It does not have to be that way.

Today, we will discuss some methods that will help us to control our anger. These methods could be used with your coworkers, partners, or children.

1. Walk Away

The best way to handle a heated situation is just to walk away. There are people in our lives who live off of others misery. Don’t let them get you down. Just avoid those individuals and go on with your life. If an argument does develop just say something like you might be right and walk away. Life is too short to waste it arguing.

2.Think before you speak
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