Month: November 2016

Should You Get Pregnant in 20s 30s or 40s?

According to statistics, the fertility of a woman is best until 27 years and then gradually declines. With this decline comes the difficulty of conceiving a child. Women who try to get pregnant by 40 years and older experience advantages as well as disadvantages of childbirth that are quite different from those who get pregnant at an earlier age.

Some advantages that older women experience in pregnancy are education, experience, and financial stability. Mothers with good education tend to be good in parenting, and these valuable learning are seen in older women. These valuable learning may also come from the fact that women, and people in general, gain more experience as they age. In turn, these experiences make them financially stable because of established careers. These three advantages are synchronized to bring about the best in the holistic nurturing of baby with a secured future. More than that, these are also beneficial to older mothers because of lower stress levels in the whole duration of pregnancy read more