beautiful beach scenery

This weekend (Friday) we took the kids to the aquarium and the beach. They had a great time. I think I had a better time than they did. In retrospect, I few thing made the day a blast.

We went with our friends who also had kids. It seems that children enjoy activities when there are other rug rats around. Also parents get to have fun with other adults. My friend dared me to take a dip into ocean ,but I was reluctant at first because the water was cold. That did not hinder the kids.I eventually gave in and was a happy that I took a dip. My wife and her friends also got their feet wet.

Having a great times does not require spending great money. The aquarium had admission by donation. That saved us a lot of money. Also the the beach was as it alway is free. However,the experience was priceless. I think the kids had more fun at he beach than the aquarium. Maybe the saying that the best things in life are free might be true.

The aquarium and beach