It is official;our daughter will be starting preK in September. We got the letter today. “We are please to inform you that your child has been accepted into our Prek program……..”.

The first week will be a short week. The first day is only one hour. The second day will be 2 hours. Finally, the third day will be a full day. Her full day will be from 830-230. I plan to take her in the morning ,and her mother and brother will pick her up in the afternoon.

Where did the time go ? It seems just like yesterday she was on her back and could not even roll over.Today, she is telling me that big girls go to school and that she is going to school in September. She has grown up so fast;it is scary. Hey it is what it is. Life will going. We just have to make the best of it and hope for the best. At least she is potty trained. Believe me that was a huge challenge. But she did it.

Exciting times are ahead.