Today, I had to travel to Boston for work ,and I meet an amazing person. His name is David and he is know by everyone at work as 1614. David was my cab drive ,and I learned some valuable lessons for 1614 about happiness and being happy.

David moved to Boston in 1989 and has been driving a cab since then. He came from Haiti to seek a better life for himself and his family. Today, he is still driving his cab,has five kids, and is happy. His two oldest kids have graduated college and have made him very proud. He put them through college and plans to put the others through college by doing what he loves. In his own words ,”I love my job and it make me happy because I have to work hard.”

Yes,happiness comes for two main sources. Firstly, we have to love what we are spending most of our waking hours working on. If don’t love our jobs then we will end up very unhappy. Secondly, We will end up loving our jobs when we work hard at it to become good and the best at it. David 1614 told me that he had lots of ups and downs ,but he does not cry over spilled milk. He just lets thing go and does not cry over spilled milk. Success does not come by letting obstacles keep you down.

I don’t know if I will ever meet David again but today he reminded me and I hope all of about what we tend to forget about it really means to be happy.

Thank you David.

David 1614