New Bundle of Joy – Update

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.
-L.J. Burke

Yesterday, our son became one month old. He is now about 7 pound and loves staring at his sister. We were a little worried about his low birth weight (4lb) ,but he has developed nicely. He does not like to be pampered but that seems to be changing.

Sibling Jealousy

His sister has become more jealous ,but she is coming along. Naturally, at first, our daughter did want to get all the attention and had a hard time accepting a new head in HER HOME. It is very important to give your first child their attention. We take care of our new baby ,but we make sure that we don’t ignore,forget or diminish our daughter’s craving for attention. Recently, she allowed her brother to play with a toy of her but only for a few minutes.

Time Management tips

Keeping them on schedule has helped my wife keep her sanity. After our second child was born, I took two weeks off from work. By the way, I would love to work at home or at least closer to home in future. This is a work in progress. After I went back, it was difficult for my wife ,but she has held up well. My wife is a genius when it comes to being organized and following a schedule. For example, she scheduled my daughter’s nap while our son is also sleeping. She also tries to take a cat nap during this time.

When life gets though just hang in there.