How to save money when things get expensive

It is happening at the gas pumps, grocery stores, and department stores; everything is getting expensive. In these times, it seems impossible to keep up with raising prices. It is even more impossible to save money. Some of us have postpone our yearly family vacations because it is just too expensive or not in our budget this for year. It does not have to be that way.

Today, we will discuss some ways to save money even when we are feeling the squeeze.

1. Clip Coupons

This may seem not so obvious to some but the savings could be surprising. We have been clipping have been clipping coupons for several years. On average, we save about $20 a month. This savings works out to $240 a year. In addition to traditional coupon, you can find coupons online from sites such as, and .

2. Shop Online

Shopping online save money, time, and gas. Today, everyone is trying to cope with the skyrocketing price of gas. Shopping online helps us to avoid wasting gas and time because we don’t have to physically drive to stores. Online store such as has deals of the day everyday and free shipping for purchase over $25. Sites such as can point parenting to a slew of deals and freebies online.

3. Eat out less

Old habits are hard to break but changing our eating habits could save us a lot of money.
If you buy breakfast ($5) and lunch ($10), then you are spending at least $15 a day. That works or to $60 a week, $240 a month and $2880 a year. Eating breakfast at home could save you at least $1000 a year. That $1000 could help pay for your next family vacation.

4. Buy Used

Like eating out less, buying used could save you a chunk of change. We usually buy books, gadgets, and DVDs used. Site such as and
will help you find some deal that are up 80% off. 80% sound like a fabulous was to save some money.

5. Visit your Library

If you are looking for looking for free activities for yourself and/or you kids ,then you will find it at your local library. There is much more to do at the library than just borrowing books and doing boring research. My wife takes my daughter almost every Wednesday to our local the library for story time. Your public library has free and fun events for all ages. Some libraries also have computer training and cultural events for free as well.

Saving money should be our goal year round especially when the economy is not doing so well, and our wallets and purses are taking a hit as a result. Following my tips such as clipping coupons, shopping online, eating out less, buying used and going to the library will save you a lot of money.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve to save money?