Talk to your children about death

Couple of weeks ago my daughter’s goldfish died. Death of a anyone or anything can be very difficult for children to cope with. She kept asking us why did her goldfish died. We did what came naturally;we told her the truth.

It can be very difficult to be honest with with young children but that is all it took for our daughter to understand why her goldfish died.

We did three things that helped her to understand why her goldfish died.

1. Be honest
I mentioned this already but not doing this could lead more sadness and confusion. Children are
very smart and they know when we lie to them or make something up. Telling lies could cause our children not to understand the concept of death. Telling your kids that a someone who died went on vacation will not work. They are smarter than that and much smarter than we think.

2. Explain life to them
In the cycle of life things and people get old they usually die or disappear forever . We told her that goldfish lived a long and happy life and that he got old. When people or animals get old they die. I was amazed to see that she understood.

3. Related it
We told her that the death of goldfish is similar to the death of an old relative. She drew the conclusion that everything old must and will die or cease to exist.

When taking to our kids about death being honest is the best starting point.
You might be wonder if you got her another goldfish. We have not.
I think death and loss is harder for adults to accept death and move on….