Month: May 2008

How to save money on gas

Trying to save money on gas ? Join the club. The price of gas only seems to be going up lately. But your wallets don’t have to take a hit. Today, I will offer some tips on how to save money on gas.

1. Drive less:

This might be obvious but a lot of us drive when it is unnecessary. Some of us will drive two blocks to get something from the supermarket. Walking is good for us;it not only saves gas but it also saves the planet and our health.

2. Take public transportation:

Taking public transportation can save money and time. I used to drive to the subway then take the train to work.In my efforts to go green ,I decided to take the bus to the train. It turned out that going green save time and money. Sometimes, when I drove to the subway I would get stuck in traffic. Also I realized that I would spending at least $10 less a week on gas. That is $520 saved a year that could be use on other things such as part of a summer family vacation payment.

3. Shop Around
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