Parenting Help

“Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.” 
~Annie Sullivan

Yesterday, I scolded my daughter ,and I regretted it. But all is not lost because I learned a few lessons from the event.

Parenting Mistake:

Parents are not always right. My daughter was telling me to sit up ,but I thought she was saying shut up. So said in a loud and stern voice don’t ever say that (shut up) again. She remind silent then she started saying it again. I asked my wife why was my daughter telling me to shut up. My wife told me that she was trying to tell me to sit up not shut up. First, I felt like a goof then I apologized to my daughter for scolding her.

Good child:

Our kids are good ,but we have to listen to them more. We tend to hear and see the negative things in our kids. We have to think positively about others around us especially our kids.

Be Persistence:

Being persistent always pays off.My daughter remind persistent despite me not understanding her. She wanted me to sit up so that I could read to her. I eventually sat up and read to her. Children don’t give up easily neither should we.

Ask Why ?:

Asking why could clear up lot of things. When we don’t understand, we tend to accept or refuse an idea. I did not ask my daughter why she wanted me to shut up (sit up). I am sure that if I asked her why, she would have explained further. Don’t assume anything and always ask why. Also explain to them why you might punish them. Don’t just tell them they are on time out or grounded ;explain to them what they did wrong. If they understand what they did wrong, then they might not do it again.

The next time you feel your child makes a mistake remember these three tips.

What did you recently learn from you child ?