How to Control your anger

Everyone gets angry ! We are juggling some many responsibilities that sometimes we can’t help but to get upset and angry. That is normal ,but it becomes a problem when we lash out at others. Lives and relationships have been cut short due to anger. It does not have to be that way.

Today, we will discuss some methods that will help us to control our anger. These methods could be used with your coworkers, partners, or children.

1. Walk Away

The best way to handle a heated situation is just to walk away. There are people in our lives who live off of others misery. Don’t let them get you down. Just avoid those individuals and go on with your life. If an argument does develop just say something like you might be right and walk away. Life is too short to waste it arguing.

2.Think before you speak

Most of the time, we don’t mean what we say when we are angry. Whenever we get angry, we have to realize that whatever we said we can’t take back. Some forgive and forget. But most forgive and NEVER forget. How could someone ,out of anger, call their child stupid ? It happens everyday. Before you utter those angry words think to yourself would I mention those words if I were to die tomorrow. The reality is that dying tomorrow is not impossible.

3.Take a deep breath

Taking deep breaths helps to calm us down. I remember one heated discussion I had with someone in the office. An individual said something that was totally inappropriate, but I did not retaliate; rather, I returned to my cube and took some deep breaths and things feel a little better after five minutes. Today, I a happy to report that the same individual ,and I have a better relationship than we did then. We just have to let things go sometimes. Life is too short. There have been stories of people be killed because of heated discussions. It does not have to be that way. Let it go.

Life is too short to waste.Live a relaxed life and don’t waste it be angry to often.We have to control our anger before it control us.