New Years Resolution

No, I am not late;rather this post reflects on a promise most of us made to ourselves about one month ago.Last week, I read a survey the stated that more than 50% of people either forget and just gave up their new year resolutions.I never liked new years resolution because they are hard to follow through and even remember.A lot of us made our new year resolutions to become a better person. If we really want to change our lives,then we have to make weekly resolutions because weekly resolution are easier to measure.Becoming a better person requires us to do some simple acts.

Three simple act that will help us to become a better people

1.Train Ride:
When was the last time you gave up your bus/train seat for an elder or pregnant person ? This act of kindness can change the life of someone who has and is enduring some most difficulties in through out their life. Giving up your seat will make you a better person.

2.Teen Advice:
Not so long ago, I was a teenager and any helpful advice from adults was welcomed and appreciated . Today,most adults think that teens don’t like to listen to adults; and that misconception is wrong. Teens want feedback. To parents,they may tell you that they hate you,but they really love you and want you to care about them. I is not easy to be a teen;it has never been easy to be a teen. If we understand this fact, then we will be better prepared to help our future leaders.

3.Be Patient
Patience is really a virtue. Reminding calm and cool when you get angry will cause you to become a better person and your blood pressure will stay normal. Life is short; Why are you letting stress caused by annoying people kill you ? The next time someone wants pick argument just walk a way. Your don’t alway have to be right. The next time you find yourself in an unwelcome argument just say to the other person that they might be right and walk a way. Being patient is a physical as well as an emotional act.

Simple and consistent acts and will help us fulfill our grand new year resolutions.