How to stop drinking coffee

I use to be a coffee junkie. I use to drink at least 2 cups everyday. Coffee is a mental tease; it gives us a great high then a even greater let down. Being a parents and human being, we sometimes need that energy booster but coffee and caffeine is not your only option.

I have not had a cup of coffee for two week, and I feel great. The last time I visited my doctor, I was told that I have high blood pressure, so I started to research,online, the causes of that condition.I was surprised to find that coffee increases blood pressure. I use to have coffee everyday; I though that it was giving me the energy I needed.Sometimes after I drank it, I felt exhausted and even sleepy. I know this sounds wired ,but it made me feel more tired, But I loved the taste. In the past two weeks , I have tried alternatives to coffee that worked great.

Ways to stop drinking Coffee:

1. Drink Tea
I found that tea helped to give me a boost. I drank green tea, ginger tea , herbal tea and even black tea. Some people may say the tea has caffeine but it is very very minute compare to the caffeine in coffee. Most Herbal teas don’t have caffeine.

2. Take a power nap
A cup of coffee will never rejuvenate you like a power nap. The next time you feel like a cup of caffeine loaded coffee take a power nap if possible. We need to stop using caffeine and other drugs to give us energy. Your bodies will absolutely welcome a nap over a cup of caffeine any day or night. A power nap is 100% all natural.

3: Take a quick shower

There were time when I had to pull all nighters, and I found that taking a quick shower gave me the energy I needed to make it through the night. Two showers a day will be healthier long term than two cups of coffees. I will be staring classes tomorrow, so I see more than one shower in my future.

4. Take a Walk
Taking a walk will give you the boost you need to “wake up”. I try to take walks everyday especially when I feel sleepy and/or tired. This may sound counterintuitive ,but it works. You must try it.

5. Caffeine is Addictive
Being addicted to anything that harms us is bad, so being addicted to coffee is bad. The caffeine in coffee is very addictive.We should not let any substance control us.

6. Eat Dark Chocolate
Research has shown that dark chocolate has more benefits than harm.
Dark chocolate helps to do the following and more:

1. Improve Blood Flow To The Brains
2. Boost Mood
3. Reduce High Blood Pressure

If you want to stop drinking coffee, then you have recognize that it is harming you and that there are plenty of alternatives to Coffee.