How to spend more time with your kids?

This is an age old question that is as difficult to answer as it is to ask.Anyway, everyday, every month, and even every year we should be seek to become improved parents and human beings.

5 Way to spend more time with your kids

Your spouse and children are more important than any friend(s).

Everyone has a busy schedule, but we must be sure that our families are part of those busy schedules. Plan special family time at least once every week. When that blackberry message arrives let it wait. Most emergencies are really not real emergency. The only real emergency we have is losing our kids because we are too busy.

3.Time Management
Manage your time so that you do justice to both your job and family. Our jobs are not your lives but it has the rights upon us that we fulfill the responsibilities we have been given. Don’t waste time at work at the water cooler or going out to smoke every hour. The less time you waste at work the more time your will have for and with your family.

We should take a weekly inventory to see if we are really spending the time with our kids we want or should spend with our kids. If we are falling short then we need to update our schedules and go back to suggestions 1,2, and 3.

5.Use Technology

We can’t always physically be there so use technology to help you virtually be. You can email,IM, and even join your child’s social network to stay in touch with them. Our kids actually want us to be part of their lives;some of them are starving for our attention; but sadly some of parents are too busy to even notice. If we are too busy to notice our kids, then we are truly losers.

So the challenge that awaits us this year, this month, and this day is will we try to become better parents or will be follow the “same old”. Following the “same old” will cause our situations with our kids to go from bad to worst.

By following the 5 suggestions above ,we will hopefully improve our relationships with our kids.