Month: January 2008

How to stop drinking coffee

I use to be a coffee junkie. I use to drink at least 2 cups everyday. Coffee is a mental tease; it gives us a great high then a even greater let down. Being a parents and human being, we sometimes need that energy booster but coffee and caffeine is not your only option.

I have not had a cup of coffee for two week, and I feel great. The last time I visited my doctor, I was told that I have high blood pressure, so I started to research,online, the causes of that condition.I was surprised to find that coffee increases blood pressure. I use to have coffee everyday; I though that it was giving me the energy I needed.Sometimes after I drank it, I felt exhausted and even sleepy. I know this sounds wired ,but it made me feel more tired, But I loved the taste. In the past two weeks , I have tried alternatives to coffee that worked great. read more

How to spend more time with your kids?

This is an age old question that is as difficult to answer as it is to ask.Anyway, everyday, every month, and even every year we should be seek to become improved parents and human beings.

5 Way to spend more time with your kids

Your spouse and children are more important than any friend(s).

Everyone has a busy schedule, but we must be sure that our families are part of those busy schedules. Plan special family time at least once every week. When that blackberry message arrives let it wait. Most emergencies are really not real emergency. The only real emergency we have is losing our kids because we are too busy. read more