Parenting Process

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world.

I have been trying to given some help advice over the past months in hopes of prepare us for the most difficult job and rewarding job you will ever have to have in your life. Parenting is wonderful.However, the reality is that at time it can get difficult. The secret is to learn as you go. Before we became parents we never really thought of difficulties that might occur.

That might have been for the best. The old saying, “when life gives you lemon you make lemonade” absolutely applies to parenting. We just have to make the best of situations as they unfold. Last night my wife,daughter, and I went out for dinner and it was quite an adventure. My daughter did not want to stay still and would not eat(this annoying but normal);she wanted to see the fishes. So we showed her the fishes and since she did not want to eat food, we allowed her to eat all the ice she wanted.They will eat when they get hungry(so don’ t have a cow );however, every child might be different ,but I have noticed scolding and threatening them does more bad than good.

We are not born with parenting skill; rather we have to learn them on the job. Even though I have my degree, some of the most useful things I have learned have been on the job. Parenting is learned on the job. The best parenting books can not prepare us for the real world parenting. Making mistakes and learning for them are all part of the parenting recipe secret. The secret is to keep at it and you will get better. It is okay to fell like you don’t know what you are doing sometimes. Join the club;We have all been there and will inevitably return there. Parenting is not the easiest job in the world. We just have to put our heads down and keep at it.