Creative Imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

~Albert Einstein

Sergey Brin and Larry Page,the founders of Google, had/has it.Steve Jobs,the founder of Apple, had/has it. Maria Montessori ,founder of the Montessori Method, had it. Michael Jordan,one of the greatest basketball player ever, had/has it. Albert Einstein,a Genius,had it. It is creative imagination.

What is creative imagination ?

Creative imagination is to imagine original things. It is seeing things that others don’t see, and coming up with new ideas.

When was the last time you let your kids use their creative imagination ?

Today, I will share some ways to improve/increase your child’s creative imagination.

1.Play and learn

Playing is the smartest and productive thing your child could do to increase their creative imagination.We must stop thinking that they are wasting their time when they are playing. Our children’s brains are moving at the speed of light ,but we fail to realize that fact. Some of their ideas,actions and statements are profound. But we miss those moments because we want to be in control and/or are to “busy”. Recently, we have been trying to teach our daughter to go to the potty but she resisted ,so we will not force her. She will go when she is ready. The other day she put a diaper on her bear and later she said that the bear has to go to the potty. We put bear on the potty and told her that she also has to go to the potty. After bear went to the potty several time, my daughter started telling us that she has to go to the potty. So we put her on the potty. If we ignored the request of her bear then she might be less reluctant “go pe pe.” This may not be a milestone,but she did something new and amazing to us. Paying leads to learning.

2.Outdoors kid

Kids love outdoor activities. The more they see the more they will imagine. Stop leaving your kids with the babysitter and take them out with you to see the world. They want to see,hear,feel, and explore the world. How can they do that when we always leave them with the babysitter ?
Take your kids with you. Take your kids with you. Take your kids with you.

3. Cheap television

Television is cheap ,quick and is killing your child’s creative imagination. We tend to use television to babysit our kids when we are “busy”. Sometimes, We have to do chores around the house but there are more constructive activities our kids could engage in. Lets say your child love “Bob the Builder”, you can buy books, puzzles, and toys related that icon. It might be expensive,but we are loosing A LOT more by letting our kid mindlessly sit and watch television for hours and hours and hours.

4.Patience is a virtue

Increasing kids imagination will require US to be very patient. Sometimes it does get annoying when your child want you to have a imaginary tea party with them for the tenth time, but we must accommodate them if want them to grow. Recently,I have been having A LOT of strawberry cake and tea :).We can help their creative imagination by just being there for them. Being patient with your kids WILL help to build their imagination.

5. Read for fun

Your children can go to Japan in minutes, learn how to make chocolate chips cookie, and sing a Elmo Song from the comfort of your home. How is this possible ? Simple, by reading to them or by encouraging them to read. Kids who don’t grow up reading tend hate reading when they get older.Some of them even grow up to be adults who will NEVER read a book after high school or college.Kids who experience reading as a lifestyle also grow up loving to learn and imagine. Since our daughter was and newborn we have been reading to her. She even has her own section in our personal library. Whenever she is ready to read, she selects the books she want us to read to her. Even though, she does know how to read yet, she love when we read to her. We read to her at least half an hour twice a day. Reading helps to improve and increase your child’s creative imagination.