School Bullying

Do your kids get bullied at school ? Are you not sure if it is bullying or just kids being kids ? There is a very thin line. But as we have seen in recent events bullying could lead to fatal results.

Today, I am would like to shed some light on the subject and offer some solutions. The excerpt below is part of a research paper I did.
Bullying is a devastating problem that affects students academically and later on in life. Bullying takes place when an individual intentionally and frequently use dominance over another person with hostility and bad intentions. It can take on various forms such as mocking, gossiping, physical harm and intimidation. Every day, about 160,000 students stay home because they fear that they will be bullied. Every month, about 282,000 students are physically attacked. Students that are targeted by bullies tend to do poorly in school and eventually drop out. The students that are bullied grow up to be adults with an array of psychological problems such as depression and loss of self-image (Lumsden, 2002).

Schools are the most fertile places for bullying and as a result schools have to implement policies and practices that break this vicious trend. If schools don’t get involved and protect students, students will take matters into their own hands and the effects can be disastrous. Schools have to create anti-bullying polices and publicize it through out the schools (Lumsden, 2002). Teachers should supervise student in large gatherings such as gym and cafeteria. Schools have to have everyone working in the schools including students and teachers to fill survey to know the magnitude of the problem and take steps to address the problems indicated in the survey. To achieve permanent change, bullies have to be punished and should also be taught positive behavior practices. Schools should offer counseling and therapy to help victims overcome their ordeal (Banks, 1997).
When I wrote the lines above, I was not even a parent yet ,but I am sure that if I was I might have included how parents could get involved. Parents must talk to their kids and find out how school is going and look for unusual behaviors such as withdrawal,anger, and aggression in their kids. If a child complaints about being bullied we must take them seriously.

Parents should take the following steps if their kids are being bullied:

1. Let them know that it is not their fault.
2. Speak to the child’s teacher.
3. Give the teacher time to take action.
4. Follow up.Follow up. Follow up.

Have your kids ever been bullied ?
How what action did you take to resolve it ?