Do you have days when you are not sure what will happen next ? Of course you do;all of us have good and bad days. But we have to be thankful for how fortunate we really are. We sometimes take the “simple” things for granted.

Yesterday, I mistakenly parked where was not suppose to park ,and I got a ticket.I was a little upset ,but I told my wife that it could have been worst. We could have gotten into a car accident. We should be thankful be cause things could have turned out worst.

We should be thankful for the food and water we consume everyday. Children are dying every day in the world because they are not getting enough to eat and drink. Our kids are at risk because they are eating too much.

There are families who will sleep on the floor tonight because they are homeless.After, Hurricane Katrina, some families were left out in the cold and some still are. When we think we have things hard, we need to slow down and have a look at the world around us. The fires that might still be burning in California might have left at least half a million families without homes.

We are privileged to have our families together. Some Families have migrated to the states to build a better life for their families and themselves. They work hard,pay taxes, and take the jobs
most of us don’t want. But recently, they have been told that they are not welcomed here even though they have helped build this country and have children who are citizens. But this is not us we will not be separated from our kids and the country we worked so hard to build.

We have food to eat,homes to go to and families to cherish ,so we should be thankful. If things don’t always go as planned,then we always must remember that they could have been much worst.

Be Thankful.