The Best Investment

We are sometimes so busy raising our kids that we forget that we are really investing in our future. In the business world, ROI means returns on investment. ROI analyst exams the profits gained/lost on a particulate investment. Parents invest everyday, but we might not realized it; we invest our time into our kids. As parents, we should be more concerned about ROL than ROI. ROL stands for return on love. Every parent invest their blood and sweat into raising their kids but when some kids grow up they forget or even hate(very sad) their parents. But this is not your child. It DOES NOT have to be that way.

How do we get the best ROL ?

Today ,we will look at ways we can get the best ROL.

1.More Love:
The more love we give to our kids the more they will love and care for and about us. Becoming a parent is on of the best experience in life. So don’t blow it. Our kids records and store everything (okay almost everything :) ) we do; so the next time we get angry, we should and must try to stay calm. Staying calm is an act of love. Remember that love in also a verb not only a noun.

2.More Patience:
Parenting is not easy but being patient will make the journey a lot more easy and rewarding. If we show our kids that we are patient with them , then they will love us for our patience. They will also return the favor when we are old and need them in our lives. When I was growing up my parents allowed me to be different as long as I stayed out of trouble. They did not agree with everything I did, but they were patient with me. I think I turned out fine and my ROL for them is very high. We must be patient with our kid when we least understand them. Or else our ROL will suffer a huge loss.

3.Trust them:
Trusting our kids will yield massive ROL gains . It takes a lot of love to trust our kids , but we must do it or else they will grow up to be adult who hate us. By trusting them, their love will increase exponentially for us. Trusting them will be a catalyst for both your and their growth. If we can’t trust them, then whom will they turn to ?

4.Talk to them:
Trust is not enough, finding out what we are trusting them with imperative; the only way to find that out is to simply talk to them. Our children want to talk to us. Do we let them? Stephen R. Covey states in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People that we should Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. Remember, that some of the greatest communicators(were also parents) in history listen more than they spoke. We must listen to our kids if we want the greatest ROL gains.