Parking Lot Safety

Are your kids active all the time ? Most of us can and will answer yes to that question. However, there are certain places that they should not as active as they normally are. For example, they should be less active in parking lots. But how do we control our strong willed kids.The smart folks over at parentinghacks.comhave insightful post that can help.

As per
“There is nothing more dangerous than a 5 year old in a parking lot while you are trying to put the groceries away. I started playing a little game of “Assume the position” with my son to keep him by the car and out of trouble.

Josh would place both hands on the side of the car, feet back and spread’em! He once again would not move until I said the magic word… “release”. I would get some pretty interesting looks from passers by. “

We load up our daughter first then we unload our grocery. It is very hard to control them but a magic game might work.

What are your parking lot safety hacks?