Why did you become a parent?

Do you sometimes reflect on this questions ? The truth is we all do.We reflect on how our lives have changed since we had our bundle of joy. Yes, there has been some difficult times and from what I have been told it only get more complicated as they get older.

If we want to get close to and be part our kids life then we have to reflect on why we really became a parent. For some of us becoming a parents has and will continue to be the best thing that ever happen in your lives. While, other look at parenting as painful and a hardship. It does not have to be that way. Become a parent is the best thing that will ever happen to you in your life.

Some of us were not prepare to become parent and that is okay;but we still have to embrace what life throws at us. One of the only things in life that is predictable is life being unpredictable. There are some people who will NEVER have the wonderful opportunity to have their own child. But this is not you. You have been given a wonder baby that will cause your heart and mind to display emotions and feeling you never knew existed within you. These emotions help us to grow and become more analytical, caring and unselfish. When our daughter was born, we realized that our lives now belonged to her. Enjoy this once in lifetime experience that will only last may be 18 years or less.

Your kids will leave you. They will eventually grow up,grow away, and move out. The best advice I can give you is to spend as much time as you can with them or else all your hard work will go to waste. They will grow up thinking that you don’t love them ,and they will hate you. Sometimes, we have to take blame where it is due. They see us always leaving them with babysitters,friends, and grandma and grandpa . They see both mom and dad have to go to work.They know that Mom and Dad need extra income to buy gifts to make up for not being there. Our kids are very very smart;its just we don’t take the time to get to know them. If we don’t bond with them when they are young then when will we ?We are working our selves to death and unknowingly our relationship with our kids are dying as well.

Today, I will give some advice that will help us to become better parents.

1. Listen
Our children have a lot to say so listen to them. We may no realize this but we are our kid’s American Idols.Good communicator are those who listen more than they speak. When was the last time you sat on the floor,played with and listen to what you buddle of joy had to say. It does not matter that your child is not speaking yet. You should still sit with them and let them know that you WANT to spend time with them. They will love you for wanting to be with them. They will think that mom and dad actually care about me and what I have to say.

2. Don’t Spank
Violence breeds more violence. If we hit our children, then they will think that hitting will solve problem. It might solve issues but only temporally. They might grow up hating and being afraid of you due to your use of corporal punishment. This is not for you because you are looking for a more permanent and loving solution.

3.Talk to them

They will due naughty things, but our role is to explain why certain deed are not acceptable. It is easy to spank them but talking to them much harder. We must stop looking for easy fixes because they don’t exist or work. Quick fixes will lead to a lifetime of hate and resentment. It may seem that you are talking yourself to death ,but you message will get through to them.

4.Be patient 
Parenting requires patience a lot of patience. Life requires patience. Our kids will do and say thing that they don’t mean ,but we have to let it go because we are the adults. Don’t forget that we are their best and first role models ,so they will emulate us. What type of examples will we be setting by screaming and acting like kids when we get upset or angry ? A very bad one. We just have to be patient. At times, things may seem difficult but things tend to get better. You just have to be patient.