Toy Recall Alternatives

Recently, there have been an abundance of toy recalls. That has lead to mass anxiety amongst parents. We love to buy toys for our kid, but we are worried that it will be recalled. New York Times wrote a great article Recalls Make Toy Shopping a Source of Anxiety that goes into the issues we are faced with in a post mass toy recall world. What are parents to do to find alternatives to tainted toys.

The answer is as profound as the question. Someone,probably a parent, replies to the article above by making some wonderful suggestions in Scared of Tainted Toys? There Are Alternatives.

My favorite suggestions are below:

*Need to buy something for a child? Buy books.

*Go to a local library for story hour. Check out books.

*Organize day trips to museums, the zoo, state parks, grandparents, older relatives or older friends who need companionship.

*Help your child write letters to distant relatives or pen pals.

-Take a walk, or walk the dog; talk with your child as you walk.

-Read books. Talk about what you read and what your children read. Perhaps you will not have to pay for a verbal SAT prep course for your child.

Kids just want to have fun and be active. Playing with toys that may be tainted is not the only option you have.