Review Of Luvs Bear Hug Stretch diapers

Luvs Bear Hug Strech Diapers

Our daughter has been using Huggies diapers from day one. Recently, we were contacted by some generous marketing folks who wanted us to try the new Luvs Bear Hug Stretch diapers. At first were not sure we wanted to try something new ,but I am sure glad we did.Luvs Bear Hug Stretch diapers kept my daughter leak free and comfortable.

My daughter is very active and in the past we had spills with Huggies. The bear hug did exactly as it promised it hugged the pe pe from escaping. I am happy to report that the week that we tried the Luvs we has no leaks.If you have active kids you must try this product.

The design of the diaper kept our daughter comfortable. The extra stretchy tabs provided an extra layer of comfort that Huggie does not have. She felt so comfortable in these diapers she called it pantie.

I would recommended this diaper to any parents due to it reliability and sleek design.It is too bad that our sample finished. Luvs Bear Hug Stretch diapers has definitely won a place in our home and our shopping cart.