Month: October 2007

School Bullying

Do your kids get bullied at school ? Are you not sure if it is bullying or just kids being kids ? There is a very thin line. But as we have seen in recent events bullying could lead to fatal results.

Today, I am would like to shed some light on the subject and offer some solutions. The excerpt below is part of a research paper I did.
Bullying is a devastating problem that affects students academically and later on in life. Bullying takes place when an individual intentionally and frequently use dominance over another person with hostility and bad intentions. It can take on various forms such as mocking, gossiping, physical harm and intimidation. Every day, about 160,000 students stay home because they fear that they will be bullied. Every month, about 282,000 students are physically attacked. Students that are targeted by bullies tend to do poorly in school and eventually drop out. The students that are bullied grow up to be adults with an array of psychological problems such as depression and loss of self-image (Lumsden, 2002). read more


Do you have days when you are not sure what will happen next ? Of course you do;all of us have good and bad days. But we have to be thankful for how fortunate we really are. We sometimes take the “simple” things for granted.

Yesterday, I mistakenly parked where was not suppose to park ,and I got a ticket.I was a little upset ,but I told my wife that it could have been worst. We could have gotten into a car accident. We should be thankful be cause things could have turned out worst.

We should be thankful for the food and water we consume everyday. Children are dying every day in the world because they are not getting enough to eat and drink. Our kids are at risk because they are eating too much. read more

Reconnect With Your Family

Do you ever feel that your family is disconnected and even growing apart ? With work,school and the busy life it can happen. How do we bridge that gap ?

The first thing is to realize the there is a problem and then work on fixing it. If you don’t think growing apart from your family is not a problem then you are in trouble.So we recognize that thing have to change so where do we start. Aurelia William has a great FREE report over at her blog Real Life Solutions that explains Top 10 Ways to Reconnect with Your Family. Our families are and will always be the most important thing in our lives. read more

The Best Investment

We are sometimes so busy raising our kids that we forget that we are really investing in our future. In the business world, ROI means returns on investment. ROI analyst exams the profits gained/lost on a particulate investment. Parents invest everyday, but we might not realized it; we invest our time into our kids. As parents, we should be more concerned about ROL than ROI. ROL stands for return on love. Every parent invest their blood and sweat into raising their kids but when some kids grow up they forget or even hate(very sad) their parents. But this is not your child. It DOES NOT have to be that way. read more

Parking Lot Safety

Are your kids active all the time ? Most of us can and will answer yes to that question. However, there are certain places that they should not as active as they normally are. For example, they should be less active in parking lots. But how do we control our strong willed kids.The smart folks over at parentinghacks.comhave insightful post that can help.

As per
“There is nothing more dangerous than a 5 year old in a parking lot while you are trying to put the groceries away. I started playing a little game of “Assume the position” with my son to keep him by the car and out of trouble.
read more

Why did you become a parent?

Do you sometimes reflect on this questions ? The truth is we all do.We reflect on how our lives have changed since we had our bundle of joy. Yes, there has been some difficult times and from what I have been told it only get more complicated as they get older.

If we want to get close to and be part our kids life then we have to reflect on why we really became a parent. For some of us becoming a parents has and will continue to be the best thing that ever happen in your lives. While, other look at parenting as painful and a hardship. It does not have to be that way. Become a parent is the best thing that will ever happen to you in your life. read more