Childhood Dreams

Do you ever reflect on what you wanted to do and become in the future when you were a child ?Everyone has sometime in their lives. Today,we have to opportunity to help our kids to achieve their dream.

I read a wonderful article about Randy Pausch,46 year old, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon who has three young sons. His career has been as amazing as his family. He is a world renowned for the work he has done in 3D animation and other great works as well. He credit his parents for some of those achievement.

As a child, his parent let him draw equation on his bedroom wall and the equation are still there to this day. I believe he has given his children the same freedom to grow and explore as his parents did. However, his story fairy tale story changed.

Mr. Pausch has cancer and will die in a matter of months.

We should reflect on his story and grasp every opportunity we are given to spend
time with our family. Life is too short to let it slip away especially when we have time.
No one really knows when their last day will be. Use your time wisely before it is too late.