Because I said so

“Don’t liter because it is selfish and dirty so don’t do it.”
~Street Sign

How many times have you told your kids because I said so when they asked why? Some of us have lost count. The problem is not that they are not listen;rather, the bigger problem is that we are not explaining to them WHY they should not so such and such and such.The quote above is clear,concise, and visual and I think kids would follow that suggestion. Today, we will discuss how we can get our kids to listen to us. It may seem obvious but getting them to listen to us is a job by itself. We must realize that kids are very smart,smarter than we give them credit for, and they ask why to understand the world around them and sometimes to challenge us.

Way to get our kids to listen to us:

1.Be Clear:

Less is more. Kids don’t need and long and detail answers when they ask questions. Give them a short and clear reason why they can’t do such and such. For example, daughter use to rip up our magazines ,so we told her to read it not rip it and amazingly she listened to us.Of course,
we had to remind her and be patient with her.

2. Research
We won’t always have the answer that why there is Google. Google as well as other online tools are great for find information on virtually any and every subject. So your child ask you why is the sky blue and you don’t know what to say. Most of us would say “it just is”. That is not a good enough answer for our kids whose brains are racing at the speed of light. We want smart kid but we don’t want to do our homework. If you want still want to know why the sky is blueI

Kids love stories.Heck I am an adult ,and I still love stories. Anyway, they will understand when we relate their situation to cartoons or their super heroes. Let say your child loves Spiderman but does not want to pick up the leave in front of your house or and other chore. You tell them that Spierman would do it because super heroes would not want anyone to fall and get hurt. You have to be creative to get them to do chores.