Online College: College Parent

Early this year, I decided to go back to school get a graduate degree. I wanted to update my skills and hopefully advance my career. I realized that it would be difficult to spend time with my family running to work and then to school. So I decided to get my degree online. I started in January ,and it has been great so far. If you are considering advancing your education,then I strongly recommend that you to go to an online college.

Today, I will discuss some pros and cons you should consider if you are thinking of getting your degree online.

1.You don’t have to go to formal classes. You learn and study the materials on your time.

2.You will get to spend more time with your family. Instead of running to a class after work, I come home and spend time with my wife and daughter. When they go to sleep, I study for a few hours every night.

3. First mover advantage. Online education has not caught on like wild fire yet but for those who choose this option they might have and edge over traditional students because with you were creative to try something new.

4. You can study anywhere and time. If your company sends you on business trips then you just take your laptop with you and you can still study after your meetings. Online college fits both stay at home and working parents lifestyles.

5. Less time traveling more time studying. The time you spend going to a physical college,you could use to study or work on a project.

1. It is easy to slack off.
2. The cost might be more expensive that traditional colleges
3. Less sleep(we are use to this by now)

If you went/or are going to an online college, then what was/is your experience.