Obesity Help: Cause of obesity

“We estimate that 22 million of the world’s children under 5 are overweight or obese.”
~Mary Bellizzi (an expert with the International Obesity Task Force)

Do you worry that your children are part of that statistic ? We should be worried. However, we must understand the cause of obesity if we want to protect our children and even our ourselves as well. I am not an expert in obesity but some of the causes that will be presented here are or should be obvious. As parents,we are so busy that we might and do need reminders.

Causes of Obesity:

Junk Food:
Junks food is exactly that junk. Some parents give their kids junk food because that is the “only” thing their child will eat. Also junk food such as chips and candy are quick fix food. A general rule we have about food is that if is quick and fast it is usually unhealthy. Our daughter loves candy,like most kids, but we have phased into her diet sweet fruits such as apple,watermelon and grapes. She loves grapes.

Fast Food:
Because our kids are McKids they have sadly become obese. Some of us eat fast food everyday for every meal and so do our kids. Remember whenever food is fast it is generally NOT good for us. Don’t give into you kids nagging and crying when they are demanding fast junk. It is okay to reward them once in a blue moon but not every day or every week. Kids are very smart and actually smarter than we give them credit for. We must explain to our kids why fast food is not healthy. Take my word for it, they will understand and love you later in life for helping them to stay and grow healthy.

Your Eating Activity: 
We are our children’s role models. Research has show that obese parents have obese kids. Research is great,but I think improving our lifestyle is greater. If we are eating the wrong foods(we know what those food are), then we must make a conscious decision TODAY the we will change our lifestyle. Remember our kids will walk like us,talk like us ,and even eat like us.
Taking responsibly it on on the most fulfill act we could do in our life time . Our kid look up to us. Don’t disappoint them by being a bad role model.