Potty Toilet training

Do you find it difficult to potty train your baby ? Most us would answer yes. We have a difficult to potty train our daughter as well. The good news is that she does pee pee. Today ,I will share some strategies that will help our kids ,hopefully, use the potty for number one and number two.

Potty Toilet Training Tips:

No Stress:
Kids tend to avoid things that make them nervous. Make going to the potty fun. Don’t force your kids to go to the potty;rather, encourage them. We use to tell our daughter that mama and dada use the potty and she should do the same. It is amazing how kids love to mimic their parents’ actions. Just taking them and putting them on the bowl might work temporarily ,but they will resist and might hate us for forcing them.

Committed Parent:

If want our kids use the potty, then we will have to be consistent. What do I mean by being consistent ? I mean setting times when they go and you take them. Every morning, we take our daughter to the potty. Even when we are busy.As a result,when she wakes up in the morning she tells us that she has to go pee pee. It is is not easy ,but it will make your and their lives a lot easier when they are potty trained. You just have to keep at it.

Make it fun:

Kids love to engage in activities that are fun, even if it is potty training. My daughter use to hate the potty ,but we would made it fun by allowing her to hold a toy. This could be dangerous for your toilet. Use your imagination to find what is safe and fun.

Be Patient:

Being a parents require a lot of patients. Kids tend to take their times when they are learning something new. Potty training is one of the most strange and yet useful skills your kids will learn so give them some time to get it. They will do it but when they are ready.

If you reward them they will keep on trying. Most kids remember being punished for doing naughty things. If we reward them for trying ,then they will continue to try and eventually go to the potty. Try this idea and let us know if it works.Put a chart on your refrigerator and give them a sticker every time they either try or actually use the potty. This will increase their motivation to go to the bathroom. Let me tell you it is very difficult to motivate kids, but I think the sticker might just do the trick. Every child is different ,so we have to be creative and try new strategies to encourage our kids to go to the potty.