Time For Yourself

Do you ever reflect on the busy life you are living ? We all do and sometimes we would like to have some time to ourselves. Having alone times does not mean that you love your family any less than you do now. Having some time alone to reflect on life will on make you and I better parents. How do we create alone time when life is always so busy ? The productivity gurus over a lifehack.org have some great tips on how to find time for yourself.

As per lifehack.org:

Exercise. For busy people it can be difficult to make time for this. But, you know what? You can do it!! All you have to do is decide today and then make it a reality tomorrow.

Arrive Early. Any appointment that you have, plan to arrive 15-30 minutes early. Then use this time for you: reading, writing, meditation, relaxation, thinking, whatever.

Lunch Alone. Try sneaking away for a quiet lunch alone on a park bench or even in your car. Enjoy some quiet time with no one to talk to and no audio inputs. (this is my favorite)

Babysitters. Make a plan to have a babysitter that you trust watch your children once a month or once a week so that you can get some time for yourself.(I like this one too)

How to Find Time for Yourself -[lifehack.org]