Morning Routine

Do you feel like it is a mad house in the morning? It could be hectic when you are trying to get your kids out the door on time. How do you cope or at least keep your sanity ? The folks over at The Happiness Project has some very helpful advice for us.

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Get enough sleep yourself. It’s tempting to stay up late, to enjoy the peace and quiet, but 6:30 a.m. comes fast, and being overtired makes the morning much tougher.

Get organized the night before. It’s so hard to take the trouble to wrangle all the stuff together the night before, but it really pays off. Those last-minute dashes for homework sheets or empty paper-towel rolls are hard to bear with equanimity.

Caffeine. If you need your caffeine, make sure you can get your caffeine!

Those three has worked well for me. Specifically the caffeine. I gota have my cup of coffee every morning.(: