Month: August 2007

Parenting Fears

Last week ,we went to Coney Island and the experience reminded me of raising kids.I was terrified to go on my first ride but on the following rides I was less scared. I realized being afraid was not going to help me get over my fears ,so I decided to just enjoy the experience. Similarly, parents might be afraid at first of becoming parents or parenting itself ,but we should know that there is really nothing to fear. We should welcome and enjoy it because it will be the best ride of our lives.

Today, we will discuss some ways to overcome parenting fears. read more

How to eat more fruit and veggie ?

Everyone knows that eating more fruits and vegetables is essential to attaining good health. Unfortunately, most of us and our kids don’t even eat one serving a day. It has been proven, that an apple an apple a day does keep the doctor away.

Read the steps below to find out how you and your family can increase your fruits and veggies intake:

1. Place your fruits and vegetables where you can see them.
2. Store your fruits next to your favorite drinks.
3. Playing with your fruits and vegetables will lead you and your kids to eat them.
4. Make a fruit salad, put it in the fridge and eat a few pieces before every meal.
5. Turn your fruits and veggies into juice. read more

Let Go Of Clutter

Do you have clothes in your closet that you have not worn for more that a year ? Admit it everyone has a few items in their closets that they have not worn in a least year. The problem is that our closets have become so cluttered that we don’t even know what those unworn items are. The helpful folks over at suggest marking your hangers and the getting rid of items when the dates marked have been expired.

You know the golden rule of de-cluttering: If you haven’t used it in 6-12 months, get rid of it. When it comes to the jungle that is your wardrobe closet, productivity guy Merlin Mann suggests using hangers to mark off what stuff you have actually worn over time. First, turn the hangers of all your clothing away from you, and set a calendar reminder to go off in 6 or 12 months. read more

Back To School

Summer is almost over and some of your kids will be starting or  returning to school very soon. Do your feel like your are not prepared yet ? Don’t worry theReal Life Solutions Blog has some great suggestions.

Answer the following questions and you will be well on your way:

As per Real Life Solutions Blog,

  • What grade will your child(ren) be in this year?
  • When Does school start in your area?
  • Have you completed all of the back to school shopping?
  • Is your child anxious about the upcoming school year?
  • read more

    Parents Connect

    “You can observe a lot just by watching.”
    ~Yogi Berra

    Yesterday,an extreme rain storm and tornado passed through New York City, and I observed how people were reacting while they were trying to get to work. We had the same emotions, actions, and ambitions. The experience reminded me of something important about parents and parenting. We have more in common than we think despite our different jobs, races, or cultures.

    Today we will discuss three things most(if not every) parents have in common.

    Parenting With Logic:
    Parents are problem solvers. Yesterday, there were so many obstacles that tried to deter us from getting to work, but we still manage to get to work and returned home safely. We face different issues with our kids that we have to address every month,week, day, and even hour ,and we always find solutions to those problems. Today, there are many resources such as Blogs,magazines, and books available to help us become great problem solvers. Sometimes the best way to solve problems is the simply try. read more

    Happy Child

    Do you ever get the feeling that your child is not happy? Every parent gets that feeling sometime in their life. We should realize that we might be the cause of their unhappiness. If we find that we are stressed out trying to make our kids happy and they are still not happy ,then you will find today’s tips very useful.

    Way to Raise Happy Kids:

    1.Don’t compare them to other kids:

    Kids already have enough of pressure at school to fit in with their peers ,so they don’t need their parents to add to their stress. Everyone wants to have a smart child.However, we must realize that every child is different. Don’t compare your kids to other kids it will cause them to resent and hate you. Love them for who they are and help them become who they want to become. read more