5 things you could learn from your toddler

In the past, I have written about how we can educate and cultivate our kids. Lately, I realized that I could learn a lot from our 2 year old daughter.Knowledge comes for the strangest places and people. Today, we will discuss what we could learn from our toddlers. You might not have toddler ,but I am sure that some of the points should apply your kids.

1. Sleep when you are tired:
When you are tired you need to take a nap to better server your future leaders. Your kids are demanding and not having enough rest could cause us to do and say things we don’t mean. When they are tired, they sleep so should we. Instead of watching the late show,you should go to bed. I know sometimes we need to unwind but staying up will make you more irritable.

2.Crying is Okay
It is okay to cry. When something sad happens it is okay to cry. However, you should still use your adult judgment. Holding in your feeling will cause you to explode with your children and spouse.

3.Demand your Attention:

We are so busy sometimes that we don’t spend enough time with our spouse. If you are a stay at home parent , then I’m sure the you want to spend time with your spouse when they get home. You need to let your partner know that they should spent time with you instead of their friends, coworkers, or computer. When you are demanding your time some crying might help. :)

4.Picky eater:
We must be very careful of the foods we eat. Kids tend not to like certain foods for their mysterious reasons. We have to do the same for obvious reasons. If we want to live a health and happy life we must not consume foods and beverages that will make us unhealthy. I don’t need to mention what foods are on that list because we know what they are.

When you become a parents your life does not end;rather, it begins. Some of us feel that becoming a parents is restrictive. It is not! Parenthood is and will be the best time in your life. I have had the opportunities to see new thing,eat new thing, and feel new emotions because I had a little head I had to keep happy and active. Parenthood is the beginning of some thing great. Enjoy everyday because you will regret the missed opportunities when you kids have grown up and moved on.