Do you have a difficult time tell your your toddler what to do ? Join the club. It can be very difficult at time seeing eye to eye (no pun intended) with your toddler. The clever folks over at parenthacks have some suggestions.

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We’ve started to tell her what TO DO. For instance, when she’s about to pick up a cigarette butt on the ground, we say “Yucky. Step on it.”. It redirects her action and becomes something she does every time she sees trash on the ground. Same for throwing food on the floor, “Put it on your tray.” It sounds so simple, but it has changed our lives.

This concept also extends to taking dangerous objects away from her. When she gets her hands on the nail clippers or the infant Tylenol bottle, I pick her up and take her to where we’re going to “put it away”. She loves the involvement and never fusses (or realizes) that we’re tricking her into putting it down.

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