How Becoming Parents Affects Your Relationship

Let’s face it things have been very different since your baby was born. Your life has changed in way the you could never imagine. You sometimes feel guilty that you are not spending enough time with your spouse but at the same time you don’t want to feel the guilt of not spending enough time with your bundle of joy. The real problem is not having time , rather in is not knowing how Becoming Parents affects your relationship. It is okay not to know what to expect but it would help a whole lot if we knew.

Today, we will discuss a few ways your married life will change when your bundle of joy arrives.

Lack Of Sleep:
You will sleep less. Get ready to sleep 3 to 4 hours. When out daughter was just born, we use to get up every two hours. It was not easy ,but life is not. You just have to share the responsibility. The first 3-6 months is the most difficult. Sometimes I would wake up and sometimes my wife would wake up to fulfill the needs of our child.

When there is more than one way doing something that could lead to problems. Parenting is unique and extraordinary because there is more than one method to parenting. For example, some parents breastfeed and others use formula.Who are we to judge? Everyone has different situations. Your spouse and you will definite disagree about what method is best for various situations. My advice is to compromise. Don’t argue and cry in the presence of your child because it is not good for their development. Also the baby should be doing the crying not the parents. :) 

Time Out:

You will spend less time with each other. This might be less obvious at first because both of you are so busy with the baby. But it does not have to be that way. You have to try to schedule your child’s time so that you could have time together. That was the hardest part for us. It may seem strange but it is possible to set a schedule for your child. Also taking days off helps a lot. Spending time with your spouse makes you a better parent.

How Has Becoming Parents Affects Your Relationship ?