How to Save on Back To School Shopping

According to the New York Times,

“The United States Census Bureau has computed dozens of statistics like these about the school year. This month alone, it found, Americans will spend an estimated $7.1 billion on shopping at family clothing stores and $2.1 billion at bookstores, much of it presumably for back-to-school purchases. It is a volume that is exceeded only around the winter holidays.”

As a Nation Heads Back to School, a Look at the Numbers-[NYT]

I have a simple question. Do our kids really need all those things we buy them for back to school? Deep down a voice inside us is yell not really. Today, we will discuss ways we can saving money on back to school shopping.


1.Their needs first:
Kids have a tendency of demanding what they want.Remember, you are in charge.
Don’t let your kid coerce you into buying the most expensive jeans and tops because “everyone will have it”. Also,Check with your child’s school what attire is required before you start shopping. Some states and countries have uniform rules. Children should be able to express themselves but within their parents’ budgets.

2.Set a budget:
It is very easy to go overboard when shopping for your kids. Once you know what they require for the school year,you have to set and stick to your budget. This will also teach your kids about spending responsibly. The old saying is still true “money does not grow on trees.”

School Supplies

3.Shop online:
You can save a lot of money shopping online. The Internet is wonderful because you can have virtually hundred of stores to shop around. We find great deal at should always google promo codes for the items you are purchasing. Some stores also offer free shipping. Again, get what they need not what they want. Don’t let them even try to convince you that they need a $500 iPhone to stay in touch. They are going to school to get an education not to model their supplies.

4.Sunday Fliers:
You can find some amazing deals in the Sunday sales flies. For example, I recently , bought 10 spiral notebooks for $1.00 and the regular price for ONE spiral was about $1.50. That is a savings of about $14. You can’t beat that. I found out about those deal at Staples via their sales flyer in the Sunday paper.

5.Dollar Store:
The dollar stores have some great products a well. Some of these stores buy products in bulk and are able to resale them at a great prices. I bought folders at the dollar store for 99 cents that I would regularly have to pay $3 for. That may seem like a small saving but having kids could get very expensive so every penny(or dollar) will be well spent in the future.

6.The library:

Borrowing books from the library could save you a lot of money. I recently started a masters program online and let me tell you books have gotten a lot more expensive(like everything else) than when I was doing my undergraduate. My first two semester I bought my books, and I spent over $500 on 4 books(some used). This semester I would have had to spend $300 on books, so I started thinking about ways to save some money on books. Then a started to check local libraries web sites and I fond the books I will need for this semester. The IT field is constantly changing so why should I buy and keep information that will change next year. The Internet has the most updated information in virtually every field. If you don’t have to buy it then borrow it.

7.Stick to your List:
Stick to your list. Stick to your list. Stick to your list. I think you get the point.