Parents Connect

“You can observe a lot just by watching.”
~Yogi Berra

Yesterday,an extreme rain storm and tornado passed through New York City, and I observed how people were reacting while they were trying to get to work. We had the same emotions, actions, and ambitions. The experience reminded me of something important about parents and parenting. We have more in common than we think despite our different jobs, races, or cultures.

Today we will discuss three things most(if not every) parents have in common.

Parenting With Logic:
Parents are problem solvers. Yesterday, there were so many obstacles that tried to deter us from getting to work, but we still manage to get to work and returned home safely. We face different issues with our kids that we have to address every month,week, day, and even hour ,and we always find solutions to those problems. Today, there are many resources such as Blogs,magazines, and books available to help us become great problem solvers. Sometimes the best way to solve problems is the simply try.

Growing Pains:
The worst pain a parent will ever feel is the pain of their child. When my daughter started teething, we were in tears and could not sleep. Before becoming a parent, I feel pain but nothing hurts as much as see my daughter in pain.

Bright Future:
Every parents want their child to be successful. Yesterday, everyone wanted to get to work but some just gave up or did not even try. Like wise, if we want successful kids , then we will have to invest the time and dedication it take to motivate our kids to become successful.

Success is a continuous journey. When I mean motivate them, I don’t mean to forcing them to become what you want them to become. I mean parents should instill a love of continuous learning in their kids. If they love to learn, then they will continuously aspire to become and do better in their lives and careers.