Happy Child

Do you ever get the feeling that your child is not happy? Every parent gets that feeling sometime in their life. We should realize that we might be the cause of their unhappiness. If we find that we are stressed out trying to make our kids happy and they are still not happy ,then you will find today’s tips very useful.

Way to Raise Happy Kids:

1.Don’t compare them to other kids:

Kids already have enough of pressure at school to fit in with their peers ,so they don’t need their parents to add to their stress. Everyone wants to have a smart child.However, we must realize that every child is different. Don’t compare your kids to other kids it will cause them to resent and hate you. Love them for who they are and help them become who they want to become.

2. Find out their weaknesses:

Adult have weakness so do kids. They need us to help them cope with their short comings. It is very easy to insult and talk down to them but it take much harder work to cultivate and help them flourish. No one said that parenting would be a walk in the park. Successful parenting takes hard work. We should know at least three of our child’s weakness’s. For example, I know that my daughter has a temper, likes to throw things, and loves to rip magazines up. Every child will be different so find out what your child’s weaknesses are.

3. Find out their Strength:

We may already know their strengths ,but we have to find ways to built on them. We should find ways to use their strengths to help them overcome their weaknesses. For example, your child is very creative being but does not like to do chores. You have to make chores more fun. They love to do work when it is fun. Telling them that they are lazy will not help them get over their weakness and it will only lower their self esteem. What are three strengths of your child ?

4. Time To Relax

It is okay to relax. Our kid should have to time to just relax and do nothing. Why do they need a third extracurricular activity. Today, the problem is not that some kids don’t have enough to do;rather,it is that they have too much to do. Our kids are depressed, stressed, and unhappy because they don’t have anytime to just be a kids. As a result, today, too many of our kids are on “happy pills”. It is a very sad .But it does not have to be that way. Sign them up for relaxation 101.

5. Spend Time with Them:

We are so busy that some of our kids spend more time with stranger than us. Some kids love their babysitters more than they love mom and dad. Our children will only be young and dependent on us only once in our life. Don’t let them down; make sure you are there for them. Yes you are working yourself to death for them but what will happen if you really die today. Your kids need you more than they need your money. Make time for them today before it is too late. Money will come and go but the opportunity to bond and spend time with your kids will never return once it is lost. Happy kids spend time with their parents and vice versa. Raising a Happy Child is not easy but but its reward can not be measured.