Minneapolis bridge

Until yesterday, I did not realize the devastation the collapsing of the Minneapolis bridge had.I saw some pictures ,but they did not depict feelings and emotions of the victims and survivors. Tragedies happen everyday around the world ,so it is important that we draw lessons from those incidents. Today ,I will discuss three things that parents and everyone as well can learn from the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Structurally Deficient:

Parents have to be aware of issues their children are having and fix those problem promptly . We must not put band aids on their issues.Structurally Deficient is the term that inspectors label the bridge as early as 1990. They just did patch up(Band Aid) work. It appears the bridge needed a complete overhaul .When our kids have issues we must address them immediately before a greater disasters occur. Find out what those issues are! If you feel you can’t talk to your kids then you must read reconnecting with your kids. Life is precious so talk to your kids before it is too late.

Hello and Goodbye:

Life is unpredictable so make your life a good life. Some of the people fell into water and will never walk on earth again, others will perish under the rubble. Sadly,they never expected that day would be their last.Some victims who were trapped under the rubble told survivors to say hello and/or goodbye to their loved ones. We are alive ,and we take life for granted. We have time and ,we waste it. Some of us have kids and we are not part of their lives. What is wrong with us? This must change before it is too late.

Six Months:

Pay close attention to the following sentences because your life depends on them. You visit your doctor ,and she tells you that you have only 6 months to live. How will you use those six months? How is you relationship with your yourself,spouse,children and parents ? Will all the money you earned spending your days and nights working,at a job you hate anyway, worth loosing your family and yourself ? Absolutely not!

The reality is that we have less time than six months to live. Life is unpredictable;we could be alive one day and the next we no longer exist. Start a new life today. If you have been doing things for far too many days,months,years that you are not happy with, then is it time for change. Start today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Do something everyday.